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BestWalletsOnline started when my girlfriend and friends teased me by asking if I was carrying a grenade in my pocket everytime we were hanging out together. My wallet was so fat that it could barely fit in my pocket.

As if that was not enough, I would feel very uncomfortable sitting since I like to put my wallet in my back pocket. This means I had to my hold my wallet in my hands or place it somewhere on a surface every time I sat down. This left the wallet susceptible to being stolen.

I knew there had to be a better slimmer wallet somewhere which would solve my problems.

So, I went online to find the perfect wallet… I didn’t find the wallet I was looking for. When I did find a slim wallet, it either had poor quality stitches or was made out of fake leather that wouldn’t last.

There was no going back - I refuse to carry a fat wallet that looks like a grenade in my pocket. And neither was I going to carry a low quality wallet. Luckily, deeper research led me to uncover some great brands that weren’t popular online.

I knew not many people would have the time to search that deep just to get the right wallet.

In fact, after talking to a few people who faced the same problem, they said they kept using their fat wallets for luck of a better option.

So I created BestWalletsOnline to help men like me get the right wallets with little effort and at the right price.

I shared my story on social media and things snowballed. Now BestWalletsOnline has turned into this incredible online community dedicated to helping men find the best wallets and everyday carry items.

Not only do we help you find 100% leather wallets we also sell them at unbeatable prices by collaborating with vendors.

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